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ROI vs. TCO? Which one should you choose for your business?

“To be, or not to be” is the famous opening phrase of the soliloquy given by Prince Hamlet in the “nunnery scene” of William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet (Act 3, Scene 1). In the speech, Hamlet contemplates death and suicide, bemoaning the pain and unfairness of life, but acknowledging that the alternative might be worse.

3 Reasons Sales Leaders Should Prioritize a Value Selling Platform NOW to Accelerate Revenue

CROs, CSOs, Solution Consultants and Sales Ops leaders face myriad priorities in the best of times: hiring and retaining top talent, managing pipeline effectively, selecting the best sales tech stack and methodology, and engaging productively cross-functionally. In today’s landscape, marketing budgets and priorities are shifting dramatically, and remote hiring, on-ramping, and managing are new norms in a virtual environment, changing the stakes overnight. It’s more important than ever to enable critical sales skills for disruption and recovery.

The Big Gulp: Three Prospect Reactions After Receiving a $100,000 Price Quote

In most organizations which procure services and solutions from external vendors, there exist “levels of approval” within the organization.  For example, for many companies, Directors are often allowed to approve budget items that cost $50,000 or less, while Vice Presidents or CFOs are often required to approve all items that cost $100,000 or more.  Of course, the amounts different titles can approve will vary by industry.

Best Practices To Align Sales And Marketing Teams In 2022

Marketing and sales teams operate under separate but related sets of objectives—marketing to drive awareness and bring as many high-quality leads to the top of the funnel as possible; sales to determine which of those leads are potential buyers and quickly and efficiently drive them through the funnel and close as many high-quality deals as they can.  

Doubling Deal Size and Reducing Sales Cycle by 50% with a Compelling ROI Platform

Closing sales always takes longer than we would like, and sales often close for amounts lower than we would wish for. What if there were a predictable way to double deal sizes and close them in half the time? 

How Vanity Metrics Miss the Mark for Renewals

Often, companies think they are on track for a customer renewing only to be surprised to discover the metrics they were managing to did not reflect reality. ValueCore CEO, Mike Genstil, speaks with Chris Beall and Corey Frank of the Market Dominance Guys about vanity metrics that can be misleading and a better way to ensure renewals stay on track.

Winning and Losing with ROI calculators...and a Video Showing Some Great Ones

It is vital to communicate value to your prospects in a concise way. Why is this so important?  According to Gartner’s March 13, 2020 paper, the second most valuable content to B2B buyers is Value Assessment tools. These tools offer a very effective way to showcase your value.

4 Ways To Convey Your Product's ROI To Increase Sales

One of the most impactful things you can do during the sales process is quantify your product’s value, or ROI (“Return on Investment”), to your customers. But, as always, there’s more than one way to make this happen. Are you using ROI as a pain killer or a vitamin in your sales process? Communicating your product’s ROI is an effective sales tool in any economic climate. During a boom phase, it might be more of a vitamin; you can leverage it to strengthen and build your case for implementing your product or service.

How To Communicate ROI to Customers during a Pandemic

There isn’t a proven methodology or class to attend that teaches you how to sell in a world where 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment between mid-March and April 30. Marketing budgets have been hacked - in some cases by 70% or more, as we have learned firsthand from some of our customers in Silicon Valley. 

Have You Hired Your VP of Value Yet?

The migration to a subscription-based economy and recent hypergrowth of B2B SaaS solutions across marketing, sales, and service categories has spawned the evolution of a handful of new B2B roles: VP of Customer Success, VP of Renewals, and VP of Sales Enablement. The VP of Customer Success is responsible for implementing customers and ensuring they are realizing value from your solution; the VP of Renewals is responsible for securing renewals from existing customers (and in many cases has a larger quota than the VP of Sales!); and the VP of Sales Enablement is responsible for ensuring that the sales team is equipped with the most effective tools and resources, among the thousands that are available on AppExchange.

Announcing: ValueCore and Comprehend Systems

ValueCore is excited to announce that Comprehend Systems has joined the many satisfied sales organizations using our value marketing and sales platform. Comprehend Systems is a leader in the Computer Software industry and we couldn’t be happier to show Comprehend Systems prospects just how much value they get by working with a Clinical Intelligence solutions company like Comprehend Systems!

Announcing: ValueCore and Vendavo

ValueCore is excited to announce that Vendavo has joined the many satisfied sales organizations using our value marketing and sales platform. Vendavo is a leader in the B2B Commerce industry and we couldn’t be happier to show Vendavo prospects just how much value they get by working with a Sales Intelligence expert like Vendavo!