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ValueCore ensures your customers understand the value of what you are selling. Our cloud-based value and ROI platform can reduce the time to revenue, increase profit, and make it easy for your sales team to follow best practices.

Experience the awesome capabilities of the ValueCore platform.


Communicate Value to Buyers in Every Touch

ValueCore Enables Value Quantification and Communication Throughout the Funnel

Shorten sales cycles, maximize deal sizes, and increase win rates.

How ValueCore Works
Reduce Losses to no-decision,
engage visitors with impact

ValueCore helps you close bigger deals in less time. Our cloud-based ROI platform can reduce the time to revenue, increase profit, and make it easy for your sales team to follow best practices.

Determine the key components of your value propositionQuantify your value propositionSet up and deploy ValueCore applicationsGet your sales team to start selling value. Consistently.

How ValueCore Works For You

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  • Improve win rates and deal sizes by presenting your solution value throughout customer journey
  • Activate the pain and value quantification components of your sales methodology
  • Automatically generate a personalized PowerPoint or Google Slides deck
  • Drive consistency and standardization with discovery and value selling (no more spreadsheets!)
  • Get an ext ra bang out of your CRM and data investments, as you can pre-populate your customer deliverables and value message with real client data
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  • Improve website engagement and conversion rates
  • Deploy a family of interactive lead generation and lead nurturing tools (Maturity Assessment, Benchmarking tool, Pain Calculator, ROI, TCO tools and more)
  • Maintain calculations and output assets yourself through user-friendly self-service interface!
  • Slick integrations with HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, and Eloqua
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Customer Success Leader
  • Connect the ROI promised pre-sale to the ROI realized post-sale
  • Auto-generate personalized QBR presentations with real client data and value quantification
  • Gain access to executive sponsors through streamlined value communication
  • Import data via Excel, or your own application, to auto-generate the “value realized” message
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  • Equip your entire sales team to leverage your ROI models
  • Ensure real-time, always-on version control so sales reps always use the latest /greatest
  • Gain rich analytics that prove the value of what you do
  • Leverage data in your CRM to pre-populate models
  • Focus your time on the biggest deals

“Using ValueCore directly correlates with the success of our top sales people. The ones that fully utilize it have the top bookings, the highest conversions, and the greatest success in customer partnerships and engagements."

~ Craig Demartini
VP Strategic Sales

“Before we used ValueCore, salespeople had to create ROI numbers manually, or go to the value engineering team in order to create their own proposal. Now all of this has been automated in a way that they can really focus on those parameters that are necessary to win the deal. ValueCore has helped them do all this and more and has contributed to very positive sales results.”

~ Michael Jetten
Sr. Director - Sales Support - UKG

“ROI Selling is a core part of our sales methodology. Selling to value early is our focus. Our CRO drives the company in that direction, and ValueCore plays a critical role in that effort.”

~ Dan Anderson
Business Value Advisor - Flexera

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