For Head of Marketing

Capture Qualified Leads through Dynamic Pain Quantification

ValueCore ensures you can engage website visitors with compelling,
interactive content which converts.

You probably already have a marketing automation system. And you may be spending money with data sources.

But it’s unlikely you have an application that drives high-quality conversions with customers who care about value. And it’s unlikely you’re equipping your inside sales team with an effective means to automatically generate personalized messages and perform discovery with tools that quantify customer pain and communicate your value.

We combine the most compelling images and videos you’ve developed with dynamic, interactive quantitative messages to provoke and engage buyers.

Convert Website Visitors from Interested to Engaged

Challenges to Overcome

  • Hesitancy to enter contact details without knowing what’s on the other side
  • eBooks and implementation guides are compelling, but can’t be produced fast enough

Meet and Exceed Your Goals

  • Show prospects how much their current environment costs
  • Peer comparison grabs their attention

Re-engage Stale Contacts

Challenges to Overcome

  • No fresh personal content to re-engage stale leads
  • Subscribing to data sets that are not driving conversions effectively
  • Paying for outbound tools with impersonal messages

Meet and Exceed Your Goals

  • Engage customer with impact, leveraging data you know
  • Show them their pain
  • Help them valucore the value of taking action

ValueCore tools to help YOU succeed

Make your sales presentations and proposals come to life with embedded ROI data and calculations - raising win rates and maximizing deal sizes.​