Our Team

We are a team of value practitioners, product marketers, sales professionals, product managers, and technology architects, from leading Fortune 500 software and consulting companies such as IBM, SAP, Adobe, and
Mercer/ Oliver Wyman Consulting.

Our formidable group has defined and led the Value Selling software platform space since 2012. Connect with us on LinkedIn to learn more!

Icon for Alex Vozdroganov

Alex Vozdroganov


Icon for Colin McPike

Colin McPike

Technical Implementation

Icon for Greg Fast

Greg Fast

Head of Product Design

Icon for Greg Janssen

Greg Janssen

Director of Development

Icon for Harish Reddy

Harish Reddy


Icon for Isaiah Gomez

Isaiah Gomez


Icon for Jeremy Estfan

Jeremy Estfan

Account Executive

Icon for John Mulhollen

John Mulhollen

Strategic Accounts

Icon for John Stanley

John Stanley


Icon for Jose Roldan

Jose Roldan


Icon for Keith Juda

Keith Juda

IT/ Operations/ Compliance

Icon for Kurt Koenig

Kurt Koenig

Marketing Content Consultant

Icon for Mike Genstil

Mike Genstil

Chief Dreamer

Icon for Naeem Shah

Naeem Shah

Senior Software Engineer

Icon for Noor Mustafa

Noor Mustafa


Icon for Oleg Kolodyazhny

Oleg Kolodyazhny


Icon for Oleg Suprun

Oleg Suprun

Product / Value Delivery

Icon for Sam Gomez

Sam Gomez

Business Development Rep

Icon for SaraBeth Lapidus

SaraBeth Lapidus

Project Manager

Icon for Senthil R

Senthil R


Icon for Shreesha Ramdas

Shreesha Ramdas

Head of Marketing

Icon for Sri Srinivas

Sri Srinivas

Customer Success & Implementations

Icon for Tara Baker

Tara Baker

Finances / HR

Icon for Yousaf Shah

Yousaf Shah