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ValueCore Develops A Suite Of Interactive Applications
That Span The Buyer’s Journey:

Begin your Value Selling Process Journey

Value Inventory Workshop (VIW)

This highly interactive workshop is designed to capture, rank, and measure the issues your prospects are facing. There are two parts to this workshop.

First, we gain a better understanding of the issues, pains, and goals your prospects face. Next, we map your prospects into segments, with each segment consisting of a set of personas who care about distinct Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Second, we determine how you resolve their problems, improve their KPIs, and create and measure your customers’ value. The workshop’s output is a complete Value Inventory, which can be used to construct an ROI model, update marketing materials, or produce new hire training documents.

Get to know your buyer

Persona Workshop

Designed to help sales and marketing professionals identify the key stakeholders that drive their revenue. We look at the stakeholder’s circle of influence, compensation and incentives, key initiatives, and more. The program is typically a workshop but could be delivered as a consulting engagement.

Get to know your buyer

Financial Acumen Training

This on-site or virtual course aims to help sales professionals develop agility in engaging with customers who will have internal discussions about the value and ROI of third-party solutions. There are two parts to this course:

(a) Introduction to financial metrics that get deals done. In this segment, we equip sellers to engage with financial buyers using the language and financial metrics they care about. Some financial buyers care about the payback period or hard cost savings, while others care about CapEx and OpEx.

(b) Financial Statements for Dummies. In this segment, we help sellers conquer their fears of reviewing financial statements from an Annual Report or 10-K to a shareholder letter. Through a focused review and exercises, we demystify the key financial statements by distilling them to the repeatable insights that can be found and inserted into a sales motion—be it solution alignment or presentation of business value in the language of the C-Suite.

Continuous Improvement

ROI Model Maintenance and Update Services

Every product’s journey includes updates and upgrades. Every ROI model requires the same. To succeed long-term as a value selling organization, it is essential to employ a software solution that enables you to make changes to your value calculations easily when products change and evolve. Our team of experts are here to help. We can guide you through a self-service upgrade, or provide consulting services and programming resources to complete the task for you. Our comprehensive financial sales training ensures your team remains adept at leveraging ROI models effectively for sustained success.

Guaranteed Success

Implementation Support and Training

Your journey begins with a project plan that establishes tasks, goals, and project milestones. Whether you have an existing ROI model, or utilize our Value Inventory Workshop, the first critical step is to confirm your value drivers.

Once these drivers are established, a VisualizeROI consultant will develop a mockup model in a spreadsheet, which includes user interface elements from your most effective customer presentation materials (e.g. in PowerPoint, GoogleSlides, etc.) . That is when your journey begins. After the value drivers and initial pictorial representations of value are established, we move your model to the cloud by creating a Visualizer version. We train your team to deploy and you are on your way. Our services team is there every step of the way to ensure your value selling journey is successful.

Impressive visuals


The value in creating great ROI models is in the output. Whether it’s an exciting PowerPoint presentation or a PDF of a Business Case Proposal, VisualizeROI is here to help. The seamless integration with GoogleDocs, or Microsoft Office, is a key advantage of our solution. Our team can help you in the design and development of your customer output throughout your sales journey.

Visit our listing on the Salesforce AppExchange and download our package after becoming a customer. Need some help? We will assist you to ensure a clean, powerful integration between VisualizeROI and

What our clients think of us

“Using ValueCore directly correlates with the success of our top sales people. The ones that fully utilize it have the top bookings, the highest conversions, and the greatest success in customer partnerships and engagements."

Craig DeMartini VP Strategic Sales - Tipalti

“ If you want to lay the best foundation possible I’d recommend taking this course. The depth the instructors go into is incredible. I now feel so confident about starting up as a professional developer. ”

John Tarkpor Junior Front-end Developer

“ If you want to lay the best foundation possible I’d recommend taking this course. The depth the instructors go into is incredible. I now feel so confident about starting up as a professional developer. ”

John Tarkpor Junior Front-end Developer

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