For Head Of Customer Success

Scale Business Value with Quarterly Business Review and Renewal Presentations

Ensure Quarterly Business Review (QBR) and Renewal Presentations are impactful by emphasizing the business value delivered. Streamline the creation of QBR and renewal presentations by integrating key metrics and highlighting the tangible benefits your solution provides.

You Have Created Value for Your Customer – Why Not Quantify It?

Challenges to Overcome

  • Renewals are ruthlessly reviewed
  • 10% or more of tools are cut during a recession
  • Even moderate adoption doesn’t guarantee a renewal
  • You spend 5 to 10 hours creating QBR presentations for your top clients – and there’s little consistency
  • Customer Success Rep doesn’t connect usage to problems discussed and affirmed during sales cycle


  • ValueCore Renewal Expert addresses these challenges by enabling consistent creation of QBR presentations. Leveraging adoption data and value estimates, it streamlines the process and ensures impactful quarterly business reviews.

ValueCore tools to help YOU succeed

Make your sales presentations and proposals come to life with embedded ROI data and calculations - raising win rates and maximizing deal sizes.​