For Head of Sales

Ensure your buyer can quantify the value your solution provides

From discovery all the way through presentation, proposal, and renewal. ValueCore combines the most compelling presentation and proposal materials and messaging that you are already using with dynamic, interactive value calculations to provoke and engage buyers.

We Help Sales Teams Achieve Their Goals - Nail It, Scale It

Business Development Reps (BDRs)

Challenges to Overcome

  • Low email conversion rates due to uninspired messages
  • Ineffective use of data sources that could be used to create 1:1, value-based prospecting

Meet and Exceed Your Goals

  • Automate outbound messages based in value
  • Qualify and disqualify accounts early
  • Know and focus on Ideal Client Profile accounts
  • Utilize LinkedIn employee count data as a weapon
  • Turn discovery into a true collaboration

Account Executives (AEs)

Challenges to Overcome

  • Key pain points are not identified and quantified during discovery
  • Losing deals to no-decision
  • Only winning deals with substantial discounts
  • Not enough data inside CRM to enable sales leaders to coach reps on pricing for larger sales

Meet & Exceed these Goals

  • Effective ROI communication starting with effective discovery
  • Empower your champion
  • Automate value-based proposal creation

ValueCore tools to help YOU succeed

Outbound Lead Harvester

BDRs obtain higher conversion rates through and Yesware campaigns with compelling messages for customers that leverage quantitative information pulling directly from various sources, such as total employees in a certain function.

Discovery Whiz

Reps foster compelling discussions based on quantitative data during discovery leveraging data from the lead or opportunity record. This ensures quantitative and qualitative responses are synchronized with CRMLead or Opportunity fields.

Value Collaborator

Advance deals more quickly as advocates sell internally on your behalf and close at a higher rate. Leverage the customer’s data throughout the sales cycle to effectively quantify the cost of the existing environment and the benefits of change.

Make your sales presentations and proposals come to life with embedded ROI data and calculations - raising win rates and maximizing deal sizes.​