Deployment Best Practices

The ROI results can be outrageous…or boring

ROI Conversation Pitfalls

Conversations about ROI don’t always go well. Here are a few reasons these discussions might not be productive:

  • Assumptions not based on reality
  • Buyers don’t only care about dollars
  • ROI message isn’t relevant to buyer persona
  • Buyer does not have data available to populate the model

When you are ready to deploy, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Start small – either by product, sales team, or customer segment
  • Survey your existing happy customers for value drivers
  • Show, don’t tell, and use your customer’s language
  • Leverage publicly available sources for industry standard data and customer data
  • Find and incentivize an internal champion to drive success
  • Celebrate sales success driven by value selling model

Are you ready to close more deals by creating compelling visuals of your solution's ROI?