Webinar Replay: Converting Discovery Into a Quantified Pain Statement

During this webinar you will learn… How to structure questions that will quantify pain during discovery, an elegant approach to doing this directly from CRM, and a template for a nice leave behind for a customer. Watch the webinar and take advantage of a complimentary 1-Hour pain calculation consultation.

Video: 5 Amazing Value Calculators to Engage Buyers

Mike Genstil, CEO and Founder, and Doug Miller, VP Customer Success and Value Delivery, demonstrate 5 live ROI calculators, illustrating what drives success for different types of calculators. See how leading brands across B2B industries, from cloud consolidation, to financial services, to Voice of the Customer, supply chain automation, and IT outsourcing are employing innovative tools to drive lead generation, prospect qualification, and brand building.

Are you ready to close more deals by creating compelling visuals of your solution's ROI?