For Head Of Solution Engineering

Synergizing Technical and Business Value: Optimizing Through Value Engineering and Quantification

Leverage Your Credibility with Customers to Assess Business and Technical Fit


How often do you engage in an extended technical evaluation, only to discover at the eleventh hour – after gaining the technical win, that there is no internal champion with budget who has a clear understanding of the business value?

When this happens, the deal stalls, and your team becomes deflated given the Herculean investments they have made to win the deal.

Meet and Exceed Your Goals

To prevent this, help your sales rep quantify business pain early in the sales process. Use discovery to understand:

  • What they are paying on solutions today
  • How much time and effort they are spending on activities
  • How often they are experiencing costly incidents

Each of the leading sales methodologies – MEDDIC, Challenger Sale, Sandler, and Miller Heiman – suggests that you quantify pain and quantify value at key stages.

ValueCore tools to help YOU succeed

Discovery Wizard

Enables blended, scripted technical + business value discovery – synchronizes all data with CRM to enable executive visibility and coaching. Automatically generates a customer-facing deliverable that nicely summarizes what was discussed, and creates a quantified pain statement.

Value Collaborator

Enables collaboration and creation of summary document which includes pain statement, value estimate, roadmap, technical criteria, milestones, and timeline.

Make your sales presentations and proposals come to life with embedded ROI data and calculations - raising win rates and maximizing deal sizes.​