Demo Interactive ROI and TCO Calculators

ValueCore’s flexible value selling and value marketing SaaS platform allows for the creation of a multitude of interactive, engaging tools that help buyers understand the potential value of procuring the vendor’s solution.

Below are sample maturity assessment, ROI, and TCO tools we have developed on behalf of our clientele

Lead Harvesters

NetApp Cloud Insights

Multi year cloud cost reduction calculator. Powered by complex calculations and pricing table.


This one-page model helps e-commerce site and call center operators visualize through a dynamic pie chart five components of value of Confirmit’s “voice of the customer” platform, including churn reduction, incremental spend, and cost to serve reduction.


Self guided multi-page cost and value estimator for developer operation teams.


Revenue acceleration estimator targeting marketing and sales leaders.


Multi-year total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction estimator for accounting and finance operations.


Instantly analyze 3-year mobile app TCO costs and savings, with just 5 quick entries that generate a powerful savings report with detailed cost/benefit breakdowns

Team Dynamix

Maturity assessment estimator for IT service management teams.


Hard cost savings estimator for medical teams and institutions managing vaccines.


Real-time savings estimator for comprehensive cybersecurity risk management


Product lifecycle management value estimator comprising five areas of value including operation, production service/support, supply chain, product design, commercialization, and revenue growth.

A ValueCore TCO Calculator is a sales tool built on the ValueCore value management platform that helps businesses estimate and communicate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their offerings to potential customers.

  • Anyone within a business involved in selling or promoting their offerings.
  • Sales teams during the sales process to engage potential customers and highlight the long-term financial advantages of their offerings
  • Marketing teams Can leverage it to create marketing materials that emphasize the TCO benefits of their products or services.

TCO and ROI calculators are not the same. TCO calculates the total costs associated with owning and operating a product or service over its entire lifecycle, including acquisition, implementation, and ongoing maintenance costs. ROI calculates the financial return gained from an investment relative to its cost. While TCO focuses on costs, ROI focuses on the financial gains or benefits achieved.

“The ValueCore platform is comprehensive and supports the entire sales cycle. We were able to deploy the platform quickly and had great user adoption.”

Michael Eckhoff

Americas Vice President at Eggplant