Sample Interactive ROI and TCO Calculators

ValueCore’s flexible value selling and value marketing SaaS platform allows for the creation of a multitude of interactive, engaging tools that help buyers understand the potential value of procuring the vendor’s solution.


Below are sample maturity assessment, ROI, and TCO tools we have developed on behalf of our clientele.

Image for <b>NetApp Cloud Storage TCO Calculator</b>

NetApp Cloud Storage TCO Calculator

This powerful single page cloud storage cost consolidation calculator shows the customer’s current and improved costs, with the NetApp solution. Side-by-side bar charts over three years create a compelling story.

Image for <b>MongoDB Time And Risk Reduction Estimator</b>

MongoDB Time And Risk Reduction Estimator

This seven-step experience sequentially constructs the Self-managed cost for to stand up and maintain a database infrastructure, and compares it to the MongoDB database-as-a-service cost. Value drivers include business risk, opportunity costs, and compulsory costs.

Image for <b>HotSchedules Labor Cost Savings Tool</b>

HotSchedules Labor Cost Savings Tool

This single page model quickly helps a multi-location restaurant operator determine how much labor costs could be saved by improving and digitizing work schedules, using a platform like HotSchedules.

Image for <b>TeamDynamix IT Outsourcing Maturity Assessment Tool</b>

TeamDynamix IT Outsourcing Maturity Assessment Tool

This maturity assessment model helps a user compare herself to industry peers to assess how much she could benefit from outsourcing certain IT-related activities leveraging TeamDynamix.

Image for <b>Confirmit Voice Of Customer Value Estimator</b>

Confirmit Voice Of Customer Value Estimator

This one-page model helps e-commerce site and call center operators visualize through a dynamic pie chart five components of value of Confirmit’s “voice of the customer” platform, including churn reduction, incremental spend, and cost to serve reduction.

Image for <b>Telogis Safety And Productivity Benefit Estimator</b>

Telogis Safety And Productivity Benefit Estimator

This visually engaging one-page model illustrates for fleet operators the benefits of a fully connected mobile workforce across the dimensions of safety, productivity, and efficiency.

Image for <b>Kony Application Development Cost Savings Estimator</b>

Kony Application Development Cost Savings Estimator

This calculator helps software developers who build for multiple devices and platforms understand their development cost savings with the next-generation development Kony cloud platform.

Image for <b>Cloudflare E-Commerce Conversion Rate Improvement Estimator</b>

Cloudflare E-Commerce Conversion Rate Improvement Estimator

For website owners who monetize traffic through e-commerce and advertising, this calculator depicts the cost of slow load times, and the value of improvement.

Image for <b>Comprehend Clinical Trial Process Optimization Estimator</b>

Comprehend Clinical Trial Process Optimization Estimator

This calculator allows a pharmaceutical development organization to select among three use cases to quantify their cost savings through optimizing their clinical trial process.

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