Getting Started with Value Selling in 4 Easy Steps

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Step 1

Determine the key components of your value proposition

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Step 2

Quantify your value proposition

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Step 3

Set up and deploy ValueCore applications

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Step 4

Get your sales team to start selling value. Consistently.

Step 1

Determine The Key Components Of Your Value Proposition

  • Simple, succinct value proposition that can be described in elevator or whiteboarding session
  • Leverage case studies, testimonials, and analyst reports
  • Relate to measurable operational activities and outcomes
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Step 2

Quantify Your Value Proposition

  • Quantify value drivers
  • Systematically consider common value drivers: hard cost savings, productivity gains, revenue acceleration, and risk mitigation
  • Develop calculations – use an existing ROI spreadsheet, or ValueCore can help you develop a model that relates to your industry
Step 3

Setup And Deploy ValueCore Applications

  • Create dynamic, visually engaging application for multiple stages of your marketing and sales cycles
  • Publish Lead Harvester™ to your website for lead generation
  • Publish Value Collaborator™ to sales, partners, or customer success teams to enable dynamic, value-based discussions
  • Integrate with your marketing automation application, and/or your CRM application
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ValueCore SaaS platform allows you to blend your current sales methodology,sales workflows,
marketing content seamlessly into an elegant value script that new and experienced reps
can easily adopt.Data captured during sales discussions can be easily synchronized with your CRM.

Step 4

Start Selling Value. Consistently.

Now your sales team has an application that ensures they ask the right questions during discovery and automatically converts the responses into a value story for the customer. Each sales rep can collaborate easily in a dynamic, visual application with the customer to develop a compelling proposal for management.

Know What Works and What Doesn't.
Enjoy shorter sales cycles, maximized deal sizes, and higher win rates.

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