Value Selling Program

Every time one of your sales reps present a pricing proposal to a customer, you are asking your customer to take a leap of faith on the ROI of your solution.

Someone Owns Your ROI Model – Like it or Not!

You can either equip your reps to present the value of your solution, or hope and pray that your customer reach the right conclusion about your ROI. In either case, someone “owns” your ROI model!

A Value Selling Program ensures that *your team* owns your model. We can help you develop a lightweight – or advanced – program to ensure your ROI model adheres to best practices – quickly and easily.

Getting Your Primary Customer, the Sales Rep, Excited

Value teams’ work is worthwhile to the extent it is leveraged by the account reps in the company.

The value model should be:

  Easily Understood




  Extensible for it to be deployed in the field

Sales Reps will Use These Tools if Three Things are True:

Show me the $

They understand exactly what is going to be presented to the customer in the end, and they think it will be compelling for the customers, enabling them to close the sale.


They generally understand the quantitative benefits that are being presented.

Data entry <> tooth extraction

They are confident that it won’t take too much time to get the data points, and they are confident that the customer has the data.

Make your sales presentations and proposals come to life with embedded ROI data and calculations - raising win rates and maximizing deal sizes.