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Doubling Deal Size and Reducing Sales Cycle by 50% with a Compelling ROI Platform

Published on December 9, 2020

Doubling Deal Size and Reducing Sales Cycle by 50% with a Compelling ROI Platform

New case study shows how Tipalti turbocharges sales effectiveness with ValueCore.


Closing sales always takes longer than we would like, and sales often close for amounts lower than we would wish for. What if there were a predictable way to double deal sizes and close them in half the time?


Craig DeMartini, head of strategic sales for Tipalti, shares his story in a new case study that reveals their winning approach to turbocharging sales by presenting a strong, unified, quantifiable business case that is simultaneously a compelling story demanding serious consideration by executive buyers.


Prior to ValueCore, Tipalti had a good understanding of its ROI components, but it required working out of Excel spreadsheets that were dense with information. For Tipalti, ROI involves multiple factors that must be considered together to make an impact. Pulling these together was a manual process and required a lot of work to produce as well as work on the part of the prospect to consume.


With ValueCore, salespeople now automatically create value presentations that are consistent and standardised for optimal impact. These are useful throughout the entire sales process and to different audiences and roles or levels within a prospective customer’s organization. The results were dramatic:


  • 2x faster sales cycles
  • 2x increase in deal size (revenue generated)
  • 2x improvement in deal close rate


 “ValueCore tells our story,” says DeMartini. “It makes buying decisions clear and straightforward.”


Armed with ValueCore, the Tipalti sales team can effectively win over customers with a first impression that paves the way for a sale. Initiators, evaluators, approvers and even CFOs can be equally convinced. Discounting generally goes off the table, since there is a strong business case based on ROI that makes sense and generates excitement.


Read the  case study to understand the insights and get a better idea of how ValueCore can dramatically increase your sales effectiveness.

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