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Transforming Ugly Spreadsheets: A Solution for B2B Sales and Marketing Professionals

ValueCore Team

Published on October 21, 2022

Advantages of Using Spreadsheets


Spreadsheets are readily available at no cost, making them an economical choice for businesses.

Minimal Training Required: 

Users can quickly grasp the basics of spreadsheet software, minimizing the need for extensive training.


Spreadsheets offer flexibility to tailor formats and formulas according to specific needs, enhancing adaptability to various tasks.

Collaboration Capabilities: 

Spreadsheets of acilitate collaboration among team members, allowing multiple users to edit and review documents simultaneously.

Data Manipulation and Analysis: 

Spreadsheets  provide intuitive tools for manipulating and analyzing data, enabling users to derive valuable insights efficiently.

Integration Options: 

Spreadsheets  can be integrated with select tools and software, enhancing interoperability within business ecosystems.

Seamless Workflow Integration: 

Incorporating spreadsheets into workflows is swift and straightforward, contributing to streamlined processes.

Financial Document Management: 

Spreadsheets excel in managing financial documents, offering robust functionalities for budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis.

Access to Templates: 

A plethora of spreadsheet templates are available, covering diverse business needs and saving time on document creation.

Data Visualization Capabilities: 

While somewhat limited, spreadsheets offer basic data visualization tools, allowing users to create charts and graphs to aid in understanding and presenting data.

10 Disadvantages of Using Spreadsheets

Lack of User-Friendliness: 

Spreadsheets can be cumbersome to navigate and manipulate effectively.

Security Concerns: 

Spreadsheets may not offer robust security features, leaving sensitive data vulnerable to breaches.

Lack of Accountability: 

Identifying who made changes to a spreadsheet can be challenging, leading to potential issues with data integrity and traceability.

Version Control Issues: 

Multiple versions of spreadsheets can exist simultaneously, leading to confusion and discrepancies in data interpretation.


Spreadsheets are susceptible to human errors, which can lead to inaccuracies in calculations and reporting.

Reporting Challenges: 

Generating reports from spreadsheets can be time-consuming and complex, hindering timely decision-making.

Data Visualization Limitations: 

Visualizing data in spreadsheets may be difficult, limiting the effectiveness of conveying insights to stakeholders.

Data Vulnerability: 

Critical customer data stored in spreadsheets may lack proper safeguards, putting it at risk of loss or unauthorized access.

Lack of Integration: 

Spreadsheets may not seamlessly integrate with other business systems, leading to inefficiencies in data management and workflow processes.

Management Complexity: 

Spreadsheets can make it challenging for managers to oversee and coordinate team activities effectively.

Limited Mobile Accessibility: 

Accessing and updating spreadsheets on mobile devices may be inconvenient or restricted, hindering productivity on the go.

Scalability Issues: 

As data volume and complexity increase, spreadsheets may struggle to handle the workload efficiently, impeding organizational growth and scalability.

Who is this for?

In our experience as a SaaS vendor to large and small B2B sales and marketing organizations over the past decade, the substantial majority use spreadsheets heavily for both internal (forecasting, internal decision-making) and external communications (with customers and partners). Our “ugly spreadsheets” campaign is focused on B2B sales and marketing professionals who have a practice of sharing prospective ROI/ TCO forecasting information with customers and partners, where the source of the information is a spreadsheet that enables sensitivity analysis.

Is this offer funny, or is this real?

This is very real. The point is that buyers who make decisions based on information provided by vendors usually evaluate the information via a committee, and the committee is comprised of all types of humans, including visual learners, linear thinkers, skeptics, and optimists. In most cases, the tabular formats of spreadsheets, and limited charting options, are unappealing or not as compelling as they could be, at least to a substantial percentage of the constituents.

Visual presentations prevail

According to studies, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.  And further, presentations that contain various types of visuals are most effective.  Presentations containing bar charts, pie charts, icons, graphics, and various font types and colors are most attractive and comprehended.

So which spreadsheets are ugly?

We use the term “ugly” loosely.  Given the context above, in our experience, all spreadsheets are “uglier” than what they could be…which is where we come in.

Our offer

Our offer is to convert your existing spreadsheet into a dynamic selling application that can be used by your sales, partner, or customer success teams with customers. We will utilize the visual content produced by your marketing team (PPT/ GoogleSlides presentations, etc.) to create a very dynamic experience.  Trust us, you’ll be impressed by our speed and capability! We have the most flexible architecture in the market, and our customers are truly delighted.  See our G2 reviews here to see what we mean!

Our hope

Our hope is that you will be so delighted by what you see, that you are interested in deploying the application to your team, and optionally synchronizing the data with your CRM to automate the population of the data. We’re so confident that a substantial percentage of you will be interested, given our flexible pricing model that understands this is an unbudgeted item, that we’re willing to pay you for your model and your time!

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