A Letter From the CEO

VisualizeROI is re-launching as ValueCore

The operational and financial value a company delivers to its customers is the cornerstone upon which the company is valued.

For the past ten years, VisualizeROI has been leading the market in the development of cloud applications that enable marketing and sales professionals to deliver visually compelling representations of value to their customers.

  • In 2011, we were the first company to build an open source SaaS application that enabled the real-time visualization and sensitivity analysis around the value you deliver to your client. Some of the companies we partnered with in 2011 are still customers today – they have grown in value and had successful IPOs.
  • In 2012, we were the first to launch a value-based selling application on Salesforce.com AppExchange.
  • We were the first to launch integrations with marketing automation platforms such as Marketo and Hubspot.
  • We were the first application to leverage open source APIs to enable real-time currency conversions for the presentation of value all over the world.
  • We were the first application to develop a rich analytics back-end, illustrating which customers are deriving value from your solution in which ways.
  • We appeared in best-selling business books The Collaborative Sale by Solution Performance International, and Predictable Revenue
  • We were the first application to introduce the concept of “bring your own model,” allowing ROI model developers to build and publish models in our application as early as 2016.

Now, with the market reaching another inflection point in 2021, with more than 50% of B2B SaaS organizations employing value teams (per MetaCX), we are leading the market again in announcing our AI platform, ValueCore.

ValueCore.ai exists to simplify and automate the processes by which we quantify and present our value delivered to our customers.

ValueCore.ai delivers “Value Moments” in the form of images, sales presentations, proposals, email content, and quarterly business reviews. “Value Moments” can help your customer understand their current costs, opportunity costs, or value of utilizing your solutions. Deployed across the customer lifecycle, Value Moments provide a 360 degree look at the value you deliver to your clients.

How do we do this? ValueCore.ai creates a new data set about your customers and prospects that help determine how closely they align to your Ideal Client Profile. We crunch extracts of key data that lives in the systems that contain your customer information.

Value can be measured against operational, strategic, and financial metrics. Traditional measures of value include time saved, money saved, quality improved, improved outcomes or results, and happier customers. ValueCore.ai takes these measurements and applies data science to produce a rich set of insights that can be displayed in an unlimited number of visual representations – fully controlled by you, but leveraging our template library.

Our name change is the first step in the transition. Over the next year, ValueCore.ai will release new information about how we are moving from VisualizeROI to the next generation of ROI called ValueCore..

For a demonstration of the awesome power ValueCore can bring to your sales team please contact us at [email protected]

Mike Genstil

Founder & CEO