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January 27, 2019 | ValueCore Team
Everyone has heard a great story about a big deal getting executed on the golf course. Personal connection and rapport have always been important to every substantial transaction.  Even today, in an increasingly virtual world, buyers often request on-site visits from vendors to ensure that they are comfortable with the team who will be providing implementation and support services.
August 18, 2018 | ValueCore Team
The myriad marketing automation companies operating today are doing a great job answering half of the lead scoring question: How “engaged” is the prospect? However, they are generally not addressing the other half, which is arguably even more important: Is the prospect a good fit?
January 5, 2018 | ValueCore Team
An increasing number of Sales VPs are complaining about deals lost to “no decision,” as it has become increasingly difficult for buyers to find budget, given more stringent business case requirements. Try the following ideas below to minimize your team’s losses to the “no-decision dragon.”
September 20, 2017 | ValueCore Team
CRM has gained significant attention and adoption among businesses eager to enhance their processes for building and maintaining customer relationships, thanks to industry visionaries such as Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft. The central features of CRM include keeping track of customers’ information and determining their readiness to buy; however, there’s a major element of effective sales strategy that CRM systems neglect to address: collaboration.