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ValueCore & Intellicap come together to operationalize a value selling framework

Published on February 25, 2022

To serve the global community of B2B sales and marketing leaders who are committed to the quantification of the value of their solutions, ValueCore (formerly known as ValueCore) and Intellicap are partnering together to deliver end-to-end value consulting services and a SaaS platform for value management.

Intellicap has been serving Enterprise clients across B2B sectors since 2002.  The original architects of SAP’s Value Engineering organization, the partners of IntelliCap have grown firm from a sole source provider to the leading consultancy in the software, services and technology industry for Value Quantification.

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The ValueCore founding team launched the first value selling SaaS solution on AppExchange in 2012.  In launching the solution, the ValueCore team has leveraged its expertise in enterprise and consumer digital applications at Adobe, Lycos, and New Relic, and analytics from Corporate Decisions Inc.. The team developed from the ground up the first true enterprise SaaS value selling application, leveraging leading SaaS technology components and libraries, to equip sales and marketing teams to convert ROI spreadsheets and presentations into visually engaging collaborative applications.

Together, ValueCore and Intellicap work with joint customers to deploy and operationalize a value selling framework across sales and marketing organizations.

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